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Established in 1991, ecobricks™ (formerly Toby’s Recycled Bricks) is Australia’s leading supplier of used bricks, secondhand bricks and recycled bricks and pavers.

With one of the largest supplies of recycled bricks and pavers, ecobricks™ has achieved a reputation for providing quality recycled products and meeting customer expectations.

ecobricks™, we have long recognised the value of reusing bricks and pavers salvaged from demolition sites across Victoria. Rare and beautiful handmade bricks or traditional red bricks in varying rich hues will guarantee you the desired result.

We are committed to building a better environment by promoting sustainable environmental awareness. It is our intention to utilise and develop technologies and procedures in the demolition process in order to increase the recycling of brick products. By reducing the amount of materials going to landfill, we are preserving the environment.

Founder and Director, Toby Sail has 20 years experience in landscaping, construction and demolition and brings to the organisation a wealth of knowledge. His core focus presently is the growth of the portfolio for renewable resources.

With staff in excess of 35 people, it is our philosophy to offer a comprehensive service including colour blending, competitive pricing and a specialist brick matching service. With this expertise and a commitment to ensuring recycled demolition projects are kept together we have the ability to create an authentic fi nish whilst delivering uniformity of colour and texture.

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